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College Professor Claims That Black People Are The Only Race That Are 100% Pure Human! 

  STUDY:Black People Are The Only Race That Are 100% Pure Human Loading... (function(){ var D=new Date(),d=document,b='body',ce='createElement',ac='appendChild',st='style',ds='display',n='none',gi='getElementById'; ... Continue Reading →


What does it mean to be loved unconditionally. “When he or she has seen your imperfections and chose to stay, it is love”. “When he or she has seen your worst side and still sticks ... Continue Reading →

Is there LOVE at First Sight? Read Below..

So you just met this girl, and instantly you were attracted to her. You texted each other more often. You hang out more often. Midnight calls…Skype and messenger. Coffee dates ... Continue Reading →

If you are struggling with your studies read this,…

  I know that at some point you just feel tired of keeping up with the deadlines and the pressures. You have tons of projects, thesis, term papers, exams and dreaded teachers to ... Continue Reading →

How to love a woman.

  PATIENCE. Be patient with her. She will have mood swings. She will be dramatic. She will be emotional at some point. ACCEPTANCE. Accept the real her. Embrace her flaws and imperfections. ... Continue Reading →

Signs that he is the right man for you.

RESPECT. He respects your choices and decisions in life. UNCONDITIONAL. He loves you without ifs and buts. He accepts your past and scars. He loves you no matter what. He loves your ... Continue Reading →

How to love a man.-Ladies a must read

  UNDERSTAND. He will never be perfect. At some point he will be inconsistent. Sometimes he will be impatient. Sometimes it will be hard for him to handle your mood swings. He ... Continue Reading →


Here’s the truth ladies. You can control your boyfriend’s social media accounts but if he really wanted to cheat, he will. You can control the kind of people who can mingle with ... Continue Reading →

After reading this you will Avoid dating Married men!

When a married man wants to sleep with you, he’ll tell you about his marital problems, paint his wife as a bad woman, promise you to leave her for you, be rude to her over the ... Continue Reading →

Always Learn Something from Past Relationships

No matter whether it was a bad relationship or a good relationship, you must always take away something from that relationship that will only help you in the next relationship. Did ... Continue Reading →