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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Painful s ex can happen for all kinds of reasons, including medical conditions like S TIs, pel vic inflammatory disease, ... Continue Reading →
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It sucks to get cheated on. Sometimes it’s inevitable, like if your girlfriend is a sociopath and you just didn’t know. But other times, there are warning signs you should look ... Continue Reading →
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Plane forced to make emergency landing after passenger farts,makes everyone sick

The flight was forced to land at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina on Sunday afternoon after passengers became ill with nausea and headaches. All the passengers ... Continue Reading →
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SHOCKING;Photos Of The Young Man Arrested For Posing As Female Se x Worker

The 19-year-old man, who allegedly posed as female se x worker was nabbed in the early hours of Monday, along Kaunda road, Malawi and is currently in the custody of Kanengo Police. The ... Continue Reading →
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10 Times Tupac Has Been Spotted ‘Alive’ Since His Death-Updated 2017

Is Tupac still alive? 20 years after his death, the possibility that the whole thing was a conspiracy still fascinates people, party because Tupac has been “spotted” several ... Continue Reading →
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R. Kelly Denies Abusive ‘cult’ Allegations of brainwashing small girls to sleep with him

  R. Kelly has vehemently denied the explosive allegations that he has an abusive “cult” that subjects women to s ex slavery.  According to the singer’s rep: “Mr. ... Continue Reading →
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Man Speaks Out After He Was Raped By 2 Women For Days Until His Penis ‘died’

Of late, cases of women raping men in Zimbabwe has become rampant. A father-of-four, kidnapped and raped by two women for days to the extent that his penis became bruised, has come ... Continue Reading →
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Police Officer,Girlfriend die on the spot after accident whilst having se_x in car

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED South Africa-A Police officer met his tragic end whilst having se_x in his car whilst the engine was running.. During the heat of the moment the car allegedly ... Continue Reading →
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FOR THE LADIES: Here is why you should not shave your private part

  These days, it has become an unspoken rule for women to groom their va_gina by shaving from time to time but s_ex can actually feel better when you let it grow. Here are 3 ... Continue Reading →
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REVEALED;Was There an African American President Before Barack Obama?

Question Someone that I know has been posting that Barack Obama is not the first African-American President, that indeed there was an African-American President before him, John ... Continue Reading →