5 Types of women on Facebook not to marry-MEN ONLY


We all know that a lot or people have met and made working relationships via facebook  leading to marriage while others have very bad experience in the same!

If you have been keen on Facebook you will realize that most people are even not real.

So avoid the ones below.

  1. The complainer 

We all have seen these kinds of females always complaining about life and doing nothing about it,they rarely have anything positive about life except sleeping and gossiping!Avoid them as they always don’t appreciate whatever they have or is given unto them.

2. The Naughty one

She barely has anything to hide and cannot differentiate between being sexxy and being a sl ut ! they expose a lot of their flesh on facebook and if you complain they block you! that is not a girl you wanna take to your mama!


Their posts on facebook lack purpose and reasoning! they have a lot of spelling errors and barely make sense of the happenings ,aways naive and act like blondes!

4.The single mother

Most of them have very bad attitude towards men because they have fallen prey more than once to man who are liars and will generalize all men as irresponsible!

Looking at their wrath and bitter utterance on social media makes you believe that they actually could not submit to their ex-husbands who are well groomed and happily married void drama and seek of independence!

They later realize that they are growing old and their age mates are all well taken care of both intimately and wellbeing than them!

Most display children they have raised “alone” as a sign of strength and even ask men to love their kids before they even date!

5.Slay-Queen/Yellow Bone

Most of them think that beauty is all it takes to have it all and would even go to a greater length of posting several pics in a day! The seek for attention and seek solace comfort from their online friends !

They rarely display their source of well-being or their sponsors but when they do,they pretend to be in love while sharing screenshots somewhere in their private group!


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