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Plane forced to make emergency landing after passenger farts,makes everyone sick

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The flight was forced to land at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina on Sunday afternoon after ... Continue Reading →
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SHOCKING;Photos Of The Young Man Arrested For Posing As Female Se x Worker

The 19-year-old man, who allegedly posed as female se x worker was nabbed in the early hours of Monday, along Kaunda road, Malawi and is currently in the custody of Kanengo Police. The ... Continue Reading →
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Man Speaks Out After He Was Raped By 2 Women For Days Until His Penis ‘died’

Of late, cases of women raping men in Zimbabwe has become rampant. A father-of-four, kidnapped and raped by two women for days to the extent that his penis became bruised, has come ... Continue Reading →
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Models  ASSS Explodes After Bad B00ty Injections

Marietta — A woman in an Atlanta suburb is in the hospital today after her rear-end exploded. Doctors say Shantiqua Jones is in stable but serious condition after her b uttocks burst. ... Continue Reading →
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A 52-year-old woman married her son-in-law in Kwazulu natal, leaving her daughter and one-year-old grandson in shock. The 19-year-old daughter Ntobeko was happily married for over ... Continue Reading →
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Boy Sentenced to Jail as an Adult Because of Large Pen1s

A Russian court ruled that a Ukrainian boy who claims he’s 13 be tried as an adult based on the size of his pe nis, according to The Moscow Times. Tomas, whose last name was not ... Continue Reading →
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Famous People That Actually Married Their Cousins

It’s all in the family…or, maybe not! While “keeping it in the family” is fine and dandy when it comes to money or secrets, it is a little more than odd and even creepy when ... Continue Reading →
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MEN ONY:How to free yourself if you get stuck during se x

Almost every other month people are  treated to a rare drama when a married man gets stuck inside another man’s wife. It always takes the help of a witch doctor to separate ... Continue Reading →
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The astonishing story of Lina Medina who is the youngest person ever to give birth at the age of FIVE The five-year-old’s parents discovered she was pregnant after her abdomen ... Continue Reading →
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Mother overjoyed after hearing of son’s death

“WE ARE free now . . . the lions are dead!” Community members sang and danced when they learned that two alleged thugs had been murdered. Even the mum of one of the victims ... Continue Reading →