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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A lot of women seem to think their BU TT is their greatest ASSet. And they will use it with the quickness to attract ... Continue Reading →
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President Barack Obama just made a Historic announcement. This will have you cry tears of joy!

It has been more than three months since former President Barack Obama has gone offline from the public space since he let the Oval office. However, there’s a good news for Obama ... Continue Reading →
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12 shocking verses found in the Bible

Here are some verses you will doubt are in the Bible. However, you can crosscheck as you read this article. 1) Deuteronomy 23:1 “No one whose t*sticles are crushed or whose male organ ... Continue Reading →
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Man Wins Lottery just After Wife Dumps Him For Being Poor.

62 year old Joseph Nzulu is a very happy man this week. He just became rich after winning a Lotto Jackpot of R5M. Mr Nzulu’s life hasn’t been smooth for a long time. Back in 1996 ... Continue Reading →
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The 4 Types Of Women In That Your Mother Warned You About – They’re So Dangerous !

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m the one your momma warned you about”, and I think every one of us can think of a person who fits that description perfectly. With the explosion ... Continue Reading →
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7 Types Of Women That You Must Avoid Immediately

While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here’s a look at the kind of women that men should be wary of. 1. The Big Boss: While she ... Continue Reading →
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How to start a fight,save money this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and if you are looking for a sure way to be in bad books with your bae,these are some of the tricks you can use. 1. Bring up old dirt. The past ... Continue Reading →

This Is How Your Period Messes with Your Hair

Breakouts around that time of the month are a common annoyance that plague many women, but what you may not know is that hormonal changes can affect other aspects of how you look, too. If ... Continue Reading →

This Teacher Walks Down The Hall – But Falls To The Ground When She Hears THIS

There’s nothing like students returning heartfelt kindness to a teacher who had a true impact on their lives. Such was the case at Morgan Park High where former students decided ... Continue Reading →

This Woman Allowed The Homeless Man To Sleep In Her House: When She Woke Up, She Was Shocked!

A woman from Texas just wanted to help the homeless man and she offered him to sleep in her house, so he can get inside and protect himself from the cold weather outside. When everyone ... Continue Reading →