5 Signs that show you are satis fying your w0man se_xually

#3:. She’s Physically Amped

Listen to her breathing. Heavy long breaths and panting means she is ready to go and you re doing the right thing. This is more telling than a moan because it’s an unforced response.

Notice her skin too. Her chest and neck region become flushed, also look out for her legs, if she is curling her toes, archs her back, and moves her pelvis deeply and rhythmically you are walking the right path. If she’s not feeling’ it, she’ll just lie there.

#4:. She falls asleep

This trait often attributed to men, there are women out there who are so incredibly drained via their org_asms that they simply need to take a nap and recuperate from the damage you’ve done.

If she turns over and begins to snooze, don’t get insulted — that, dude, would make you a woman. No, just wrap your arms around her and shut up.

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#5:. She can’t walk

She wants to get up to fix you breakfast or pour you some juice, but she simply can’t walk because her legs are quivering. Shaky legs are a sure-fire sign that you have done your duty as a man….. man.

If she needs a few minutes before she can go to the bathroom to clean up and make you that toast mayai, then you can rest assured that you gave it to her good and she wont see you as a “toast”.

There you have it gentlemen, dont go asking her ‘how was it babe, did you enjoy?”. You know what to look out for. These are sure sign that let you know whether you took care of business.