I have heard alot of people over the social media talk about cheating because of blablabla!

I would like to inform you that there is NO justification of cheating unless you were never honest in the first place!

when you start a relationship,you have a lot of time to find out a lot about your love-don’t hurry this stage! this is called-background check!

Once someone decides to cheat on you and justify as you did the same without evidence or because you treat them bad,that is utter bul lcrap!



Assuming you are dating someone and along the way they tell you “darling,i know that you love me and you have been treating me well but however i don’t feel the same way,i would like some time alone or cal it quite”

That is what a mature wo/man does!

on the other hand,the other cheating woman or man will start dating behind your back and once you catch them is when they will come out with excuses!

That is cheating and has no justification!If you so want out then stop double dealing and walk out heads high! Greed and seeking benefits from two different unsuspecting lovers is called wh0ring” you become a thot! or a wh0re!

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