Many people would wish to start blogging and have no idea on how to start!

i will give you very simple tips to start blogging below

1.Make sure you have a good internet connection and a laptop/desktop with a good speed!

2.Blogging requires passion and niche -so understand what are your areas of strength in topics related to your knowledge!

3.I advice you start at Bloggers and learn how to create a simple website.

4.Make sure your blogs are unique and well done! try to solve a problem rather than copy pasting-this has made alot of people’s blog pass Adsense approval for monetization.

(I will be talking about monetization later)

5.Once you have authentic blogs and some traffic into your site you can now apply for Adsense.

Better Read  and understand all their Terms before application

6. Create a  social media page or group with a lot of following or likes and share your blogs there.

This will ensure you get much traffic and regular readers of your site.

7. Yu may partner up with Admins with big pages or following and agree on how to share.

we will continue soon…

stay in touch and share!



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